Unused >< Recreate​


Wearing Ambra Castello creations is a choice of trend and ethics.
Ambra Castello actively supports the environment,

she siding against the mass and huge production of products that will not be fully used and will constitute additional material to be disposed of the detriment of our planet.
So she decides to create products on demand and handcrafted, completely handmade.
<< Craftsmanship is a culture to be handed down and protected! >>
But it doesn't end here!

The materials used will not constitute a burden on the environment thanks to

the Unused>< Recreated policy adopted by the company.
Through this policy the company recovers the products that its customers no longer use and reuses the yarn.
The yarn will be regenerated and used to create new products,

while the customer receives a discount on his next purchase.
Unused policy> <recreated does not expire.

Customers can return the product (s) even after years

and will still receive the benefits that the company offers.

So what are you waiting for?
Make sure that the products you purchased have the stamp to support the initiative.

We thank you for protecting our land with us!



Ambra Castello 2019 – Via Umberto I 117, 94018 Troina (EN) – Italy - email: - P.IVA 01270860867

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